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Onion Satire: FAA declares Spirit worst airline

Last year in my controversial post on my ten worst airlines, I nominated Spirit as the third worst airline in the world (and worst in the USA). Now a satirical post highlights how bad they are! In an Onion report, the FAA is quoted as saying that passengers should boycott the carrier: “Nobody with any shred of dignity should ever fly Spirit Airlines, the report states” The article while intended to be humorous has major elements of truth: The airline touts its low fares, but it costs $45 to check your bag at the airport,…

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787 Cleared to Fly!

The FAA (the U.S. regulators) has approved the return of the grounded 787 Dreamliner to the air next week. The authority were clearly satisfied with Boeing’s fixes with US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood saying: “These changes to the 787 battery will ensure the safety of the aircraft and its passengers“. The manufacturer is saying while it does not know what caused the fire, it’s fixes will deal with 80 possible causes. “Next week, the FAA will issue instructions to operators for making changes to the aircraft and will publish in the Federal Register the final…

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