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MH370 still transmitting 7 hrs later

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 sent its last hourly transmission to a satellite at 8:11 a.m. on 8th March, over seven hours after its last official voice transmission which occurred at 107am. The plane, it is believed, was still flying after Malaysia had first raised the alarm that it was missing. This map released by Malaysia shows two red lines representing the possible locations of the plane at 811am. Related Posts MH 370 Map: Two Possible Routes (March 15) Flying one week after MH370 (March 15) MH 370 Search Intensifies (March 9) Sun rises on a…

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MH 370 Stolen Passport Holders Victims too

The two men flying on MH370 appear to be in the same situation as the other 237 other people  on the flight  -victims of whatever fate has befallen the 777. BBC Persia, Malaysian Insider, The Telegraph and Yahoo Malaysia are reporting that the passport holders were young Iranians trying to make a new life in Europe. One was  19 years of age, flying to see his mother in Frankfurt and the other was seeking his fortune in Denmark. They paid for passports that were not theirs and arranged for tickets to be paid in cash…

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More on the false passport travellers

There is still no sign of the missing Malaysia Airlines 777 and the speculations and rumours continue to abound. One of which is what role the two passengers travelling with the stolen Italian and Austrian passports might have had. According to the BBC the two men man purchased their tickets at the same time from China Southern Airlines. They had consecutive ticket numbers and were both booked on the same onward flight from Beijing to Amsterdam on Saturday. Then the itinerary for the Italian passport holder continued onto Copenhagen while the Austrian passport holder was booked to Frankfurt. Both passengers…

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