No sign of MAS370 [updated]

Malaysian naval vessels have found no immediate signs of wreckage in the maritime area off the country’s northeast coast where the missing Malaysia Airlines MAS 370 last made contact.

Our aircraft spotted an orange speck in the sea where the last signal came from. We sent a vessel to search the area and it was confirmed that it was nothing,” an official was reported.

Admiral Ngo Van Phat from Vietnam has denied earlier reports in Vietnamese state media quoting him as saying the plane had actually crashed. His recent statement suggested the plane “could have” crashed into the sea 153 miles off the coast of Vietnam’s Tho Chu island on the southwest of southern Vietnam and Phu Quoc Island, a popular tourist destination.

Malaysian Airlines latest post on Facebook says: We understand everyone’s concern on MH370 pax & crew. We’re accelerating every effort with all relevant authorities to locate the aircraft.

Anger in Beijing from media there and relatives of passengers is apparently building against Malaysian Airlines handling of the situation: “Malaysia Airlines, why did you wait for five hours after losing contact with the aircraft to first announce the news, and why did you only have a news conference after almost 13 hours?Xinhua news agency has written.

The Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that search and rescue for missing plane will continue ‘as long as it takes‘. He noted that 15 aircraft and almost ten ships in search and rescue operations.

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