Don’t touch the Flight Attendant

In response to this instagram post from Qantas, one poster placed their response up:

My view is that, no one likes being grabbed by their customer. It does not matter if they are a Doctor, a Teacher, a Police Officer, Garbage Collector or Flight Attendant.

The Flight Attendants I have met usually have very high tolerance and patience welcoming a range of people. They deserve our respect. Business Insider identified one year ago that there are 25 things they wish passengers would stop doing. (That is a big list!). One of them was being touched to get their attention:

According to a recent survey by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA), nearly 70 per cent of flight attendants in the US have experienced sexual harassment in their careers. In the past year, 18 per cent of the flight attendants surveyed said passengers have “touched, felt, pulled, grabbed, groped, slapped, rubbed, and fondled”  them. What might appear to be an innocent touch to you strikes at the heart of the hassles many of our flight attendants face- on a daily basis.

And we as passengers, can stop it.

I won’t even press the call button for an attendant, preferring to go and see them if I need something. On some Asian carriers, this is usually greeted with surprise as the call buttons often sound like a symphony on some sectors! But it is always appreciated.

Not wanting to be touched, grabbed, poked by your passengers and fellow crew does not mean they are in the wrong job. It just means that they are seeking to be treated as a fellow human being. Not respecting that means you are the wrong sort of passenger.




  1. Being touched and being grabbed are two different acts. Some passengers like to be discreet when in need of assistance .A light touch on the the arm does it .

  2. I made the mistake of touching a flight attendant and got the glare. It was very innocent and merely an attempt to get his attention as he walked by. I find there seems to be all kinds of things you’re not supposed to do. One that gets me is when sitting first class which you pay big bucks for with no visual barrier don’t dare ask for anything until general service begins because everyone will see it. Well then don’t tell me I’m entitled to extra stuff if getting it means annoying the attendant.

  3. Passengers have become pigs because of alcohol being served in clubs without a bartender monataring liquor.
    The other thing is frequent flyer upgrades.
    People should stay in the original seat they where assigned if they want to upgrade let them use miles to pay for it
    Thanks REB

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