93 Free Travel Tips

IMG_1196One of the things I most enjoy doing is sharing my travel tips for better,  less stressful travel. Over the last four years I have shared almost 100 tips for better travel.  Here are 93 of my travel tips grouped into eight categories:

  1. Planning
  2. Booking Travel
  3. Accommodation & Food
  4. Trip Preparation
  5. Packing
  6. Travelling
  7. Travel Problems
  8.  In Location

Any suggestions or requests welcomed.

1. Planning

  1. Stop Wishing and Do it- Life’s Bucket List
  2. Greener Travel Tips
  3. 20 Top Travel Tools
  4. My Essential Travel Apps for 2014
  5. Woofound Explore
  6. Where is this? Cool Tool
  7. Medical Tourism
  8. How far is it from? Great Tools
  9. The Man in Seat 61 – the best guide to riding trains across the globe -ever
  10. How I am carrying money


2. Booking Travel

  1. Getting cheap fares and deals fast-subscribe
  2. Be Date Flexiblehttp://wildabouttravel.boardingarea.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/sardine-can.jpg
  3. What the H*ll is this Code Sharing? 
  4. Getting my cheap fares
  5. Track Your Fare
  6. Main Airline Fees
  7. Get a decent seat
  8. Splitting Rail Journeys- Saving Money
  9. Pin Trips
  10. No Visa? No Entry?
  11. Fixing the Tricky Visa issues
  12. All about Renting a Car
  13. Get your Rent a Car Costs down
  14. Buy Attraction Tickets in Advance


3. Accommodation and Food Options

  1. Travel Tip: Mystery Rooms
  2.  Priceline
  3.  Wimdu and AirBnB
  4. : Don’t Overlook Youth Hostel Stays!20131014-220041.jpg
  5. Don’t let the Bedbugs bite
  6. Eating Street Food
  7. App for food finding
  8. App matches hosts & guests for meals


4. Trip Preparation

  1. Terrific Tripit
  2. Rethinking Hotel Clubs
  3. Car Rental Clubs
  4. Take Travel Insurance
  5. Travel insurance Rocks!
  6. When to use City and Museum passes
  7. Protecting Data & Identity On the Road
  8. Back up Your Documents
  9. Flying with Electronics- new rule & some tips
  10. iDotto Audio Guides
  11. Pre plan your way

a person's legs and legs in jeans and a suitcase

5. Packing

  1. Travel Tip  Don’t Check in baggage
  2. Great Luggage App– Luggage Limits allows you to compare luggage between airlines on a particular route
  3. Photograph your luggage
  4. Seven Things not to pack
  5. How to Pack via YouTube
  6. Take a “Multi Plug”
  7. Ode to a Pen-a flying essential
  8. Considering Carry On
  9. Carry On Inconsiderates
  10. Travel Tip:  Take No Toiletries
  11. How many Shoes do you travel with?
  12. Test your wardrobe pre trip
  13. All about laptop travel
  14. Forgetting stuff


6. Travelling

  1. Travelling with Others (without tears)
  2. How I use plane safety briefings
  3. How to close an aircraft overhead compartment
  4. Airport Life Travel app
  5. All about Feet and Travel
  6.  Get to Know your currency
  7. Know Your Tipping
  8. Check your hotel clock
  9. Driving on the wrong side of the road -it may happen to you!
  10. Charge Electronics Constantly

a crowd of people in an airport

7. Travel Problems

  1.  Don’t Stress
  2.  Treat People with Respect
  3. Trusting People
  4. The Fake Wallet
  5. Yell No
  6. Getting Stuck or Delayed
  7. Line Vigilance
  8. Nervous Flyers Relax 
  9. Stay Well En Route
  10. Credit Card Compatibility Fails
  11. Giving money to beggars – some answers to a difficult question
  12. Lessons from “The Embassy” -seeing others get into trouble gives us some tips


8. In Location

  1. How to say I love you in 50 Languages
  2. Replacing the Concierge?
  3. Travel Tip #Walk
  4. Walking Tours are the best
  5. What floor am I on?
  6. All about #Bargaining /Haggling
  7. Shopping while traveling- 7 tips
  8. I do not carry my passport– a controversial one
  9. Don’t carry a Money Belt-another controversial one. I stick by my advice!
  10. Avoiding damaging the sights/sites
  11. Tips for not spoiling places for others
  12. What to do with left over foreign coins? Some very helpful comments here


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