Considering JetBlue’s ‎Etiquette Tips

JetBlue have launched a series of Flight Etiquette tips for passengers. They are in the indomitable Jetblue style quite fun.

But which of the miscreants of the air will actually watch them though?

Episode one deals with Mr Sprawler. This episode I understand!

(Although why the woman trapped in the middle could not move to the window seat, I do not know?)

Episode Two deals with needing to go to the lavatory from the window seat. I found that one less useful. It starts with the woman drinking lots of fluids (which every airline recommends) and then needing the facilities but trapped in. Not sure what the take away is? Don’t drink too much? Don’t use the restroom? Fly business class if you are a frequent “goer”? Your thoughts?

What are your flight etiquette frustrations?


  1. I think my flight etiquette is trying not to walk along the aisle whwn the flight crews are doing the meal servicesz unnecessay jammed up the snall aisle is not a good idea and would slow down the whole service process.

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