Reviewing 2014-How do you measure your travel?

As I reflect on 2014, I pondered how do I measure my travel?

1. By Kilometres, miles or points?

In 2014 I covered:

  • 3000km (2000 miles) by trainIMG_2406
  • 4000km (2500 miles) by bus
  • 12000km by rental car (7000 miles)
  • 124,754 (77.5k) by air to or from 22 airports. I flew four new airlines bringing my total number of air carriers to 91 airlines! The new ones were: Burma’s Air KBZ, Bangkok Airways Finnair (review coming Tuesday) and Germania


2. The Goals I achieved?

  1. IIMG_3521n 2014, I completed my first (and last) marathon in Berlin, Germany
  2. hiked across England following Hadrian’s wallIMG_3126
  3. visited my 59th and 60th countries


3. The Countries I visited

Where did you end up being? I visited eight countries in 2014 as well as my native Australia:

  1. Burma/Myanmar (Country #59)
  2. Denmark (Country #60)IMG_2905
  3. Germany
  4. Malaysia
  5. Netherlands
  6. Thailand
  7. UK (England and Scotland)
  8. Vietnam

and transited through: Finland and Singapore.

4. The people I met?

I was inspired, challenged and saddened by people this year. We shared a delightful boat ride through Vietnam’s Halong bay, a train ride through Vietnam, Bed and breakfasts, dinners and BBQs with delightful people from all parts of this globe.

5. The sights I saw?

There are so many sights that stand out for me last year. Here I pick ten

  1. Bagan, Myanmar- an indescribable visual spectacular of  historical stupors
  2. The red sands of the Centre of Australia – I never get tired of the endless stretches of sky, desert and starsIMG_3933
  3. Berlin’s history, culture, architecture
  4. Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar
  5. Chiang Mai, Thailand – what a beautiful spot! IMG_2453
  6. Hiking in the South of CanberraIMG_0446
  7. Thailand’s Hua Hin (review yet to come)
  8. My nephews and nieces IMG_0341
  9. the beach near my house andIMG_1574
  10. (0f course) My fiancee’s face when I proposed (thanks for saying “yes” babe)




6. How safe I remained

After dislocating my shoulder in 2013, I was prepared for anything in 2014. Apart from a minor stomach bug and experiencing Vietnamese, Burmese and Thai roads,I got through the year unscathed.

The two Malaysia airlines disasters hogged the international aviation news for the year. Like many, I found them gripping and disturbing. Despite those awful losses, air travel in 2014 was actually very safe. There were the lowest number of fatal air crashes since air travel began despite the billions of people in the air. Fear resulting from this, ISIS, ebola and terrorism prompted me to write Will I keep flying?

7 The Status I achieved?

I love having my airline status but must admit am not a huge mileage run fan. I don’t sacrifice too much to keep my status. Most of my travel in 2014 was with One World (Qantas, Qatar, Malaysia, Finnair) so I saw my status at Star Alliance and Skyteam vanish but maintained One World Sapphire.


How do you measure your travel?

Here is to a safe and illuminating 2015.




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