My Top Travel Tips of 2014

I love sharing things that I find make my travel faster, easier, more enjoyable, safer and cheaper. My ultimate aim is to let my travel serve me not the other way around!

In 2014, readers liked the following Travel Tips posts the most:

  1. Travel insurance Rocks!
  2. The Man in Seat 61 – the best guide to riding trains across the globe -ever
  3. Seven Things not to pack – which generated some controversy with heaps of comments!
  4. What to do with left over foreign coins? Some very helpful comments here
  5. Don’t carry a Money Belt-my other controversial one. I stick by my advice!
  6. Giving money to beggars
  7. Travelling with Others (without tears)
  8. Fixing the Tricky Visa issues
  9. Replacing the Concierge?
  10. Tips for not spoiling places for others

In addition, I enjoyed writing and reading these posts:

  1. How I use plane safety briefings
  2. All about #Bargaining /Haggling
  3. Trusting People
  4. Eating Street Food
  5. Shopping while traveling- 7 tips

There you go. Fifteen of ‘the best” Travel Tips in 2014. Which ones did you like?

Thank you for your comments, advice, support and even (sometimes) your brickbatts.

Here is to safe, economical and enjoyable 2015 travels!


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