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Reviewing 2014-How do you measure your travel?

As I reflect on 2014, I pondered how do I measure my travel? 1. By Kilometres, miles or points? In 2014 I covered: 3000km (2000 miles) by train 4000km (2500 miles) by bus 12000km by rental car (7000 miles) 124,754 (77.5k) by air to or from 22 airports. I flew four new airlines bringing my total number of air carriers to 91 airlines! The new ones were: Burma’s Air KBZ, Bangkok Airways Finnair (review coming Tuesday) and Germania   2. The Goals I achieved? In 2014, I completed my first (and last) marathon in Berlin, Germany hiked across…

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Air Berlin’s Seasons Greetings

Since 2011, Air Berlin have painted an aircraft in a Christmas livery. This year, Boeing 737-800 D-ABMS known by Air Berlin as ““Merry Santa” was painted by a seven person team at Dusseldorf Airport using a design from RAPP Germany in November. The design  resembles a string of 24 fairy lights with one candle-like light for each day of Advent. The flame of each light is one of the aeroplane windows. The design is just 80 micrometres (0.003 inches) thick (about the same as a human hair). It  is 15.32 metres (50.26 feet) long and…

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Jetstar Christmas Present-Not

On November 25, one month before Christmas, Jetstar NZ cancelled a December 23 Melbourne to Auckland flight. Jetstar very helpfully tried to accomodate the 80 passengers that were affected. Some were offered tickets on a December 26 flight, they claimed and some were offered flights one week before their original date, when people were at work. Passengers attempting to find flights at this late stage with other airlines faced an impossible prospect. Many shelled out hundreds of dollars more to get seats. Christmas in Australia and New Zealand is the biggest holiday of the year. Most shops and businesses shut down for three to…

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