Learn these Seven Words- always

dialectLearn these seven basic phrases of the native language(s) of the place(s) you are going to:

  1. Hello (eg Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag, Salaam, Namaste, Sawadee Krub- (French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hindi, Thai)
  2. Thank you Merci (FR), Gracias(SP), Danke (GM), Shukrun (AR), Dhanyavaad (HI), Krob Khun Krub (TH)
  3. Good bye Au revoir (FR), Adios (SP), Auf Wiedersehen (GM), Ma’a as-salāmah (AR), Namaste (HI), Byebye (TH)
  4. Restroom  Les toilettes(FR),  Baño(SP), Toilette,Toilet or Privy, Alhammam, Hong Nam (TH)
  5. Help Au secours (FR), Socorro, Hilfe (GM), ilHaʿni, Maḍaḍ, Chûay dûay (TH)
  6. Yes Oui (FR), Si (SP), Ja, Iewa, Haji, Shy (TH)
  7. No Non(FR), No (SP), Nein (GM), la, Nahin, My (TH)

It is not that hard, the locals will appreciate you trying and it may help you get your point across.

Any other essentials?




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