Shaming Passengers

I have met and seen my share of passengers that have made me smile, giggle or cringe. Ironically, I am typing this while a mother across the aisle, ignores her bored, screaming, bouncing, yelling child! Tempted to take pictures of her for a website I discovered this week that aims to shame. and its associated Facebook page and Twitter account displays pictures of the half naked, drunk, shoeless passengers one hopes not to be sitting next to (one also hopes that one is not a culprit too!).

naked ryna


Graffiti in a dreamliner lavatory


There are some who see this “resource” as a boon and others who are horrified by it. What do you think?

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  1. I agree with it up to a point, but one has to consider if there is another side sometimes. For example, when I travelled back from KL in Jan, I had unfortunately caught a cold which left me with a cough. Because I have a chronic lung condition, these things linger longer with me and can be a real embarrassment. I was definitely way past the infectious stage when I flew home, but I know my coughing could be an annoyance to others, but what could I do? Couldn’t stay in KL until I got rid of it (I still have it in March!) The attendants were very helpful and brought me water & I used medicine & cough lollies, and they worked most of the trip. Didn’t stop my neighbour across the aisle from loudly taking me to task from ‘spreading my germs around’ and various other comments. I told him I was not infectious, but after his aggressive reply “how would you know?”, I was tempted to give him the full details of my disease, but then decided to just ignore him. I suspect he would have ‘passenger shamed’ me if he had thought of it. What if my cough was a result of, say, lung cancer? Having said all that, there would definitely be a lot of times I would do it (inconsiderate or drunken behavious, say), I would just consider whether there could be a valid reason before I did

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