For Sale: Malaysia’s Six Airbus 380s

Malaysia Airlines

Source: Malaysia Airlines

Having owned them for less than three years, Malaysia Airline’s is offering all six of its Airbus A380s for sale or lease. The Malaysia Airlines A380 has 494 seats with eight First class “suites”,  66 lie-flat business class seats and 420 economy seats. They are used to fly between Kuala Lumpur and London twice daily and Paris daily. I have not yet flown Malaysia’s version and it looks like my time to do it is limited.

Also up for sale are four Boeing 777-200s.

After years of losing money, the two incidents last year worsened that situation. Malaysia airlines needs to rationalise both destinations and craft as soon as they can. The carrier had already stated that they will begin pulling out of many of their long haul routes and this sale shows the determination is real. Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt will end on May 29, it was announced two weeks ago.

The news of the sale means that the number of airlines flying the 380 will be reduced to 12. Not good news for Airbus who have seen no new orders for the megajumbo. It almost feels like the A380 is being built for one airline. Of the 156 craft currently flying, Emirates has 59 (about a third). Of the 161 yet to be delivered, Emirates has 81.

The A380 sale was accompanied by news that that seems to signal Malaysia’s cargo arm: MASCargo is no more as two Boeing 747-400s and four Airbus A330-200s are also up for sale.

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  1. Isn’t this more about the fact that no one wants to fly on Malaysian Airlines than about the a380?

  2. @Jason, the airline has been losing money for a long time. The accidents have worsened this situation. The plane sale represents one part of this. But it is also a concern for Airbus in that a carrier will be selling six almost new A380s and they have had no new A380 sales for a while.

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