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The MH 17 Full Report (and summary)

As many have speculated, the Dutch Safety Board Report have found that a Russian made BUK missile brought down the plane. The missile travelling at three times the speed of sound exploded just above the cockpit of MH17 at an altitude of 10.1km (33, 000 feet). Eight hundred pre-formed fragments in the missile punctured the plane bringing it down in one and a half minutes. The three crew members in the cockpit were killed immediately. The Board found multiple missile fragments in their bodies. This video shows the painstaking reconstruction of the Malaysian 777:   The speed…

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For Sale: Malaysia’s Six Airbus 380s

Having owned them for less than three years, Malaysia Airline’s is offering all six of its Airbus A380s for sale or lease. The Malaysia Airlines A380 has 494 seats with eight First class “suites”,  66 lie-flat business class seats and 420 economy seats. They are used to fly between Kuala Lumpur and London twice daily and Paris daily. I have not yet flown Malaysia’s version and it looks like my time to do it is limited. Also up for sale are four Boeing 777-200s. After years of losing money, the two incidents last year worsened that situation. Malaysia…

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Empty Malaysia planes herald “no surprise” restructure

My partner flew Malaysia Airlines two weeks ago and had the choice of four empty rows of five seats per economy passenger to stretch out in. This was how empty the plane was. A photo doing the rounds of the internet shows a starkly empty Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 operating as flight 146. The service which departed Melbourne at 740am flying direct to Kuala Lumpur arriving at 1415 on Thursday 14 August 2014 had about 60 people on board. My next Malaysia Airlines flight is in two weeks. I called to arrange a “good seat” to find that…

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