USA has most flight departures-still

Last year, there were almost ten million take offs of US registered airlines across the country (9,745,498 to be exact). This is just over a quarter of all of the takeoffs across the world. It is a staggering thought to think this averages to a takeoff every four seconds across the USA! The country has four of the top ten busiest airports in the world: Atlanta, LAX, and Chicago O’hare and Dallas-Fort Worth.

This is a reduction of about half a million takeoffs from 2013, the fourth year the number of takeoffs has declined in the USA. There has been a lot of rationalisation in the US air industry in the last five years (think Southwest-AirTran, Delta-Northwest, United-Continental, Frontier-Midwest).

The number is three times that of China which came second with 3.3 million takeoffs. China, however has grown by a million takeoffs a year in four years. Beijing is the second busiest airport in the world now, after Atlanta.

By country, these are the top ten countries by take off:

United States 9,553,214
China 3,356,756
Canada 1,290,420
United Kingdom 1,069,614
Brazil 937,437
Japan 927,667
Germany 913,156
Russian Federation 747,804
Turkey 723,207
India 720,050

If growth continues at the current rate. then China will overtake the USA in just over a decade for number of takeoffs and passengers.

In my own life, I have had the most number of flights in Australia followed by the USA. China is in tenth place for me.

# Country  Percent 
1 Australia  44.4 %
2 USA  28.9 %
3 New Zealand  7.7 %
4 United Kingdom  3.4 %
5 Thailand  2.2 %
6 Singapore  1.4 %
7 France  1.1 %
8 Malaysia  1.1 %
9 Germany  1.0 %
10 China  0.8 %


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  1. Most inter-terminal connections require passengers to exit security, then walk, use a shuttle-bus or using the AirTran JFK to get to the other terminal, then re-clear security. This partnership was founded after the four airlines reached agreement that the then-existing international carrier facilities were inadequate for their needs.

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