Reducing Lost Luggage Problems

lost bagsI have had a few bags lost in my travels. There are some things one can do to minimise them.

  1. Don’t check in luggage -I do all I can to reduce my total luggage to one carry-on and a small extra bag
  2. Choose an airline that has a better record with bags than the others.
  3. Do not put anything important in your checked luggage. This includes medicines, ID documents, cash, credit cards, laptops, ipad or jewellry
  4. Put your name, email and phone number on a piece of A4 or A3 paper inside your bag and your own tag with the same information on the outside
  5. Remove all previous airline labels from the bag prior to check in. From time to time staff see an old label and suddenly your bag is off to Honolulu instead of Tokyo
  6. Photograph your bag prior to check in. This reminds you of what your bag looks like and helps with filling out lost bag forms
  7. Buy travel insurance

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