Air New Zealand vs Qantas Running Man Challenge

The Running Man craze has spread its way into the airline industry.  Started by two high-school students in New Jersey, USA who started dancing along to  the 1996 song My Boo by Ghost Town DJ’s  in their Finance class, it has exploded around the internet over the last two weeks with police and emergency services around the world with Met police London,  St John Ambulance, NZ   Finland Police, NYPD, Scottish Police (complete with bagpipes), Sussex Police (UK), ACT Policing by the Lake and many others.

Last Friday, Air New Zealand posted their Running Man challenge to Qantas with cabin crew busting the moves on board a training cabin:

Qantas accepted the challenge with 15 flight attendants today busting out with a dancing kangaroo under a Qantas Airbus A380 at the Sydney Airport hanger. It is so much fun, I wish it was longer than one minute.

Qantas issued the Running Man challenge to American Airlines. Watch this space…

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  1. AA accepted the challenge and now forwarded it to BA. Excited to see BA’s move.

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