Funny, weird and inappropriate Airport Codes – the definitive list

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.22.35 PMFollowing on from post on Monday about how to find airport codes, here are all of the codes I can find that are funny, weird or just downright inappropriate in English. The airports with an * are ones I have been to:

  • ACK: Nantucket Memorial United States
  • ALE: Alpine United States
  • ATM: Altamira Brazil
  • AWK: Wake Island US Minor Outlying Islands
  • BAD: Louisiana’s Barksdale Air Force Base
  • BAG: Loakan, Philippines
  • BAH: Bahrain International, Bahrain*
  • BED Bedford, Mass, USA
  • BOM: Bombay, (Mumbai), India*
  • BOO: Bodø, Norway
  • BRO: South Padre Is. Intl United States
  • BRR: North Bay, United Kingdom
  • BUD: Liszt Ferenc airport, Budapest, Hungary*
  • BUG: Gen V Deslandes, Angola
  • BUM: Butler, MO, USA
  • BUN: Buenaventura Colombia
  • CIA: Ciampino Italy
  • COK: Cochine International Airport,  India (named after the city of Kochi)
  • COW Coquimbo Chile
  • DAD: Da Nang Viet Nam*
  • DAM: Damascus, SYRIA
  • DOA: Doany Madagascar
  • DOH:   Doha, Qatar
  • DOO: Dorobisoro, Papua New Guinea
  • DUM: Dumai, Indonesia
  • EAT: Wenatchee, WA, USA
  • EEK: Eek, AK, United States
  • FAG: Fagurhólsmýri, Iceland
  • FAQ: Freida River Papua New Guinea
  • FAT: Fresno Air Terminal Airport United States
  • FIG: Fria, Guinea
  • FLU: Flushing Airport (decommissioned), NY, USA
  • FOO: Numfoor Indonesia
  • FUB: Fulleborn Papua New Guinea
  • FUK: Fukuoka Japan
  • FUN: Funafuti, Tuvalu
  • GAG: Gage United States
  • GAY: Gaya India
  • GOO: Nevada County Airpark, Grass Valley, CA
  • GRR: Grand Rapids/Gerald R. Ford International Airport*
  • HEL: Helsinki, Finland*
  • HIP: Headingly, Piturie Australia
  • HOT: Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • INN:  INNSBRUCK, Austria
  • IOU: Ile Ouen New Caledonia
  • LAX: Los Angeles International*
  • LOL:  Derby Field airport, Nevada, USA serving Lovelock City
  • LOX: Los Tablones Airport mGuatemala
  • MIA:  Miami International*, FL< USA
  • MOM: Moudjeria, Mauritania
  • OMG:  Omega Airport,  Namibia
  • ORC: Orocue, Colombia
  • PEE: Perm, Russian Federation
  • PEK: Peking (Beijing, China)
  • PIE:  St. Pete, FL, USA
  • PIS:  Poitiers–Biard Airport, Poitou-Charentes region, France
  • POO: Pocos De Caldas, Brazil
  • RAK: Marrakesh, Morrocco
  • ROO: Rondonópolis, Brazil, (Should be in Australia!)
  • ROT: Rotorua, New Zealand*
  • SEE: Gillespie Field, San Diego, USA
  • SEX: Sembach Germany
  • SIK:– Sikeston, MO, USA
  • SIN: Singapore*
  • SUK: Samcheok, South Korea
  • SUX: Sioux City airport, Iowa, USA
  • TIP: Tripoli International
  • UMM: Summit, AK, United States
  • UNK: Unalakleet Airport, AK, USA
  • WOW: Willow, AK,  USA
  • YEP: Estevan Point Canada
  • YUM:  Yuma, AZ, USA
  • ZIP: Harbour Eolie Island Airport, Italy

Have I left any out? No doubt there are other names that have the same impact in other languages.

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