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My 2016 Travel Tips (In order of popularity)

My goal is to enjoy both travel and destination. I am constantly looking for ways to save money, speed up airport experiences, have better travel experiences and effectively explore my world or find ways of relaxing. One of the reasons I blog, is to share these tips that I learn along the way.   In order of popularity, these were my travel tips that I shared each Monday last year: Getting Exercise- A walking guide to world airports Avoiding weight scale shock We travellers must reduce trash this was a post that I thought would be…

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All about Flight Numbers & Airline Codes

After a couple of posts on airport codes, it is time, I turned my attention to airline codes and flight numbers! Every airline has a two letter code issued by IATA, the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Some are easy and recognisable e.g. AA = American Airlines BA = British Airways NZ = Air New Zealand UA = United Airways Others are more obscure such as: AY: Finnair – I discovered when I flew them originally carried the name Aero Oy 9W = Jet airways WN = Southwest airlines. There are multiple theories as to why Southwest is…

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Funny, weird and inappropriate Airport Codes – the definitive list

Following on from post on Monday about how to find airport codes, here are all of the codes I can find that are funny, weird or just downright inappropriate in English. The airports with an * are ones I have been to: ACK: Nantucket Memorial United States ALE: Alpine United States ATM: Altamira Brazil AWK: Wake Island US Minor Outlying Islands BAD: Louisiana’s Barksdale Air Force Base BAG: Loakan, Philippines BAH: Bahrain International, Bahrain* BED Bedford, Mass, USA BOM: Bombay, (Mumbai), India* BOO: Bodø, Norway BRO: South Padre Is. Intl United States BRR: North Bay, United Kingdom BUD: Liszt Ferenc…

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What’s that code? The ultimate airport decoder lists

I wrote a few weeks ago that I have been to  212 unique airports in 48 countries. Each of these airports, like most airports across the world has a three letter code which appears at ticketing, on documents and in airline routing procedures. Some codes are obvious eg SYD for Sydney or SFO for San Francisco and some of these codes can be quite obscure. eg EZE is Buenos Aires or IAD is Washington Dulles or ORD is Chicago O’Hare. If I am ever unsure of an airport code, there are two places I  turn:…

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