Flying like a Fijian -tips for all airline passengers, I reckon


A clever way to remind people to behave -including consiering what food you bring on to a plane. I just discovered this fun video from Fiji Airways which engages the Fiji Rugby team to give seven lessons on good flying.

Introduced by Fiji Rugby coach Ben Ryan.  (Coach since 2013, Ryan took the team to become 2015 Rugby 7 winners. His work resulted in Fiji winning its first ever Gold Medal at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, for Rugby. Ryan was this year appointed to be Fiji Airways Ambassador. The airline is a sponsor of Fiji Rugby.)

The recommendations are:

  1. Arrive at airport early and have your boarding pass ready
  2. No smelly foods on your plane (see above)
  3. Say “bula” (hello) to your seat neighbour
  4. Think before reclining your seat
  5. Be responsible for your kids and keep them entertained with an “appropriate activity for an aircraft”
  6. Be patient when exiting the plane
  7. Be ready for customs and immigration

I hope the video was as fun to make as it is to watch.  Which tips are your favourites?

Fiji Airways, established in 1947, was known as Air Pacific from 1970 to 2013. They fly to 21 cities in the Asia- Pacific region including three US destinations (Honolulu, LA and San Francisco). They are a great alternative for travelling between the US and Australia (especially if one includes a beach stopover!).

Fiji Airways cancelled their order for 9 Boeing 787s in 2011 choosing instead A330s of which they now have four in addition to five 737-800s.

They are officially a Skytrax three star airline and airline ratings has their safety rating at 5/7. I have flown them just three times.  From what everybody says, the Fiji Airways A330s are a much more enjoyable ride than the 737s (although I have little tolerance for the 73 at any time!).


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