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Flying like a Fijian -tips for all airline passengers, I reckon

A clever way to remind people to behave -including consiering what food you bring on to a plane. I just discovered this fun video from Fiji Airways which engages the Fiji Rugby team to give seven lessons on good flying. Introduced by Fiji Rugby coach Ben Ryan.  (Coach since 2013, Ryan took the team to become 2015 Rugby 7 winners. His work resulted in Fiji winning its first ever Gold Medal at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, for Rugby. Ryan was this year appointed to be Fiji Airways Ambassador. The airline is a sponsor of Fiji…

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Line Vigilance

There is a downside to travel sometimes and that is the queues (or lines) depending on your country! An American friend and I were discussing the linguistic variations that refer to the action of lining up for something! Some countries do lines very well. For example, the British. In some the queues look haphazard but in fact are very well organised. In other places, queues are in fact non existent and the line consists of a mass of people shoving to be first. Lined up at Buenos Aires main airport, I was amazed at how…

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