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World’s Most Popular Plane but I am not a fan 

The 737 concept first hit the drawing boards  back in 1964 and is now the world’s most popular aircraft having carried more than 22 billion people since that time. Right now, there is a 737 taking off or landing every one and a half seconds. Boeing handed over the 10,000th Boeing 737 ever made  to US Carrier Southwest Airlines (the world’s biggest 737  operator) this week. The event cemented their Guinness World record  for the most produced commercial jet, a distinction it has had  since  2006: Boeing says there are now about 4,645 of the Boeing…

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Qantas 737 Business between NZ and Australia

WLG: Wellington,  New Zealand to SYD: Sydney, Australia QF164: Scheduled Departure: 15:55 Arrival: 17:40  Distance: 5,689 km -1,387 miles Auckland to Sydney is a route rich with options. China Airlines (Skyteam), Air New  Zealand (Star),  Latam and Qantas (One World), Emirates and Virgin Australia all offer flights across the”The Ditch” (which is how Aussies and Kiwis refer to the Tasman Sea). I have flown every one of these airlines in the past few years.  However, between Wellington and Sydney, only two airlines fly and only Qantas offers Business Class seats. Booking: 8/10 Qantas booking engine is much improved. There are still a few small…

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Flying like a Fijian -tips for all airline passengers, I reckon

A clever way to remind people to behave -including consiering what food you bring on to a plane. I just discovered this fun video from Fiji Airways which engages the Fiji Rugby team to give seven lessons on good flying. Introduced by Fiji Rugby coach Ben Ryan.  (Coach since 2013, Ryan took the team to become 2015 Rugby 7 winners. His work resulted in Fiji winning its first ever Gold Medal at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, for Rugby. Ryan was this year appointed to be Fiji Airways Ambassador. The airline is a sponsor of Fiji…

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After 299 times, I still don’t like the B737!

There are many reasons to like the Boeing 737. It is reliable. It is prolific (over 8,500 built). It has been around for almost 50 years. It has a fantastic safety record. It is fuel efficient.  It is not an unattractive plane to look at. I have never liked it. This week I reached a milestone with my 299th flight on a 73. There is no other plane I have been on as many times. The 737 has taken me 340,000km (212,000) to 91 airports on five continents. I have disembarked as far south as Queenstown,…

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Lion King Flash Mob on Jet

Passengers on a Virgin Australia 737 were entertained by  the Australian cast of The Lion King  with a rendition of the opening number, Elton John’s award-winning song “The Circle of Life” The team had been in Brisbane to announce the launch of the production in that city from September, 2014… For some passengers, it could have been  a really fun start to a flight. For others, it would have been a nightmare! Wonder what the nervous passengers would have thought of it? Related Posts Five Fun Safety Briefings Funny safety briefings Emergency Landing Caused by Song Fly Hobbits Fly    

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2011 Flying Highlights

I am Wild about Flying and thanks to my friend Tony (see separate story), I have a very accurate record of my travel. This means I know for a certainty, that as at today’s date I have flown 812 times in my life-   111 times in 2011.   Question: Do I need to fly 112 times next year? 111 times in a year is about twice per week. In total a scary 412 hours of my year was spent in aeroplanes- two and a half weeks!! Distance Flown I  travelled 304 560 km  (189 245 miles). That number is…

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