Air NZ does it yet again! A take on Winter Wonderland -Southern Hemisphere style

Air New Zealand engaged Ronan Keating to re-write Winter Wonderland so it makes sense for New Zealand summer!

The song is directed by Julian Dennison who this year starred in Hunt for the Wilderpeople (and before that Paper Planes and Shopping).

Dennison suggests more and more New Zealand references (some of which won’t make much sense to people outside the country). Eventually Keating storms out…

There is a happy ending though and the two end up composing a “Summer Wonderland”, a Christmas song that makes sense for Kiwis. Makes you proud to be from the Southern Hemisphere!

Ronan, reportedly saidI’m a big fan of New Zealand, both the country and the people and also of Air New Zealand. I love their humorous on board safety videos.”

So am I Ronan, so am I.

I have flown Air New Zealand a total of 45 times to 16 cities in four countries. I rate them as my fourth favourite airline with a score of 98%. They are ranked by Skytrax as a four star airline.  This year, named them airline of the year for the fourth year in a row

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