My 350th Boeing 737 flight


I keep on flying the 737! Just reached 350 flights! It is eight months since I flew my 300th 737 so that averages at six every month since April!screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-11-00-51-pm

I have flown more 737s in my life than 767s plus 747s plus 320s!  31 airlines have taken me across five continents with the type-Africa and Antarctica are the two non-737 continents!

Sadly, as previously mentioned, the 737 is one of my last favourite planes.  I will take the 767, 747, 757 and 787 over the 737 any day.

Which plane is your most flown?

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  1. I am less a fan of it these days but am stuck with them. They need to do a lot of work to update themselves. I will look to move to another service this year, if they do not improve.

  2. Thanks for the info. Would you recommend a particular service at this stage? I’m looking for one and would like to retrospectively add the past two years of QF flights to it. Will look into flightmemory.

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