Protect yourself: Robbers tell how they snatch

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 7.26.14 pmA new video produced by Thong Lor police in Thailand graphically illustrates how easy it is for thieves to snatch phones, bags and valuables. It is useful viewing for tourists irrespective of where your destination is.

Based on confessions by real suspects with advice from the police, the video explains how you can reduce the chances of being a victim. It is well worth the first two minutes 22 seconds which are subtitled in English, of the three and a half minute video.

There are three things that make a crime possible, according to Thai Police:

  1. Victim- careless of not focussed
  2. Opportunity- valuables in sight and/or accessible to a thief
  3. Escape route

Eliminating one of these renders the crime impossible.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 7.30.09 pm

Change your behaviour:

  1. keep your valuables in your hotel or house and not in your bag
  2. Keep phones and wallets in front pockets not in bags
  3. Carry your bag on the side away from the road
  4. Have a bag that crosses your body -not one that hangs off your shoulder
  5. Don’t stand too close to the road when texting or talking

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