My Easter Travel Plans: Countries #67 and #68 -How many countries have you visited?

This April I will be adding my 67th and 68th countries to my “portfolio”! First will be Laos. To get there, I will be taking a train ride into Laos from Thailand. When complete, I will have then travelled by rail all the way from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok to Vientiane . Well to be fair, almost to Vientiane as the rail line finishes 9km from the city currently! Then will come the 1200th flight of my life which will be with Lao Airlines, a new airline for me. AirlineRatings assures me they have a six-star safety rating. Have you flown them? It will be the 97th different airline I have flown in my life.

I then have a trip to Helsinki with a weekend off for sightseeing! I have been to Helsinki airport previously but never left the airport. (I do not consider I have visited a place until I have left the terminal). My excitement over this trip comes from the fact it will be my first ever Airbus 350 trip! (My previous A350 attempt turned into a 777).

As always, tips for these two new countries are very welcome.

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The average Australian has visited six countries so at 66 currently, I am ten times my national average. My ultimate goal is 99 countries. A United Kingdom citizen has visited 10 countries, on average.  Germans have visited eight nations, the French five and Americans three.

I have flown to and/or from 53 countries. For the remainder, I have travelled by:

  • boat to and from four: Indonesia, Macau, Panama and Tahiti
  • driven into and our of  Mexico
  • walked into and out of Vatican City I also walked into Cambodia but took a bus out!
  • bussed to several including Honduras, Lichtenstein, Nicaragua and Zambia
  • took the train for the remainder including trains to and from Austria, Luxembourg, Slovakia

How many countries have you visited?

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  1. I’m glad you don’t count airport-ed countries either. My rule is this: you have to have an answer to the question:
    “What did you do in country [X]”

    If you had to say “Well I just…[used the airport/passed through/etc.]” then that’s not a place you’ve visited.

    I’m at 55, btw, with Qatar/Maldives/Sri Lanka being added next week

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