The Top 20 April Fools Day 2017 Travel Pranks

April 1 brought a range of gags around the world. Some subtle, some blatantly ridiculous and others funny. In a year of “fake news”, some were wary of participating in the April 1st tradition, however with Ingvar Näslund, editor-in-chief at Västerbottens-Kuriren summing the situation up:  “Historically, we’ve had super successful April Fools jokes. But because of debates and discussions about the media’s credibility being connected to fake news, we didn’t want to do it this year” The Montreal Gazette announced that April Fools’ Day has been cancelled, starting today.

Here are top 2o travel gags from my viewpoint. All accompanying pictures come from the companies concerned.

  1. Virgin Australia “unleashed”  their Canine Crew program which they claimed was a world first initiative. On select flights, a trained dog will work alongside human Cabin Crew to offer a range of “additional services”: Welcoming, being patted and cuddled, walks along the aisle to allow passengers to stretch their legs and even sitting in the lavatory queue for you. It was adorable, cute, almost believable and I bet, service passengers would like.

2. Deliveroo launched its Extreme Delivery service that engages skydivers rather than bike riders to deliver food to more isolated locations. While drones are probbably more feasible, the concept is enjoyable. Skyjumped Cheeseburger anyone?

3. Lyft, the ride-sharing app added LyftMono which pairs your phone with a gadget that allows you to book a Lyft car by sticking your thumb out. I liked it because it should be technically possible Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.58.38 pm

4. Everybody was gripped by Google Maps Mrs Pac Man maps- here are five of the most challenging ones to play. Do not drive and play!

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.00.15 pm

5. Emirates announced the launch of the Triple Decker with onboard swimming pool, park and gym. I wrote, what I hoped was a plausible sounding review on the new APR001 plane model which some people took seriously. Others were horrified that I had been taken so easily in by the airline! Ah!April Fools!Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 4.03.12 pm

6. FlLIKEA was a favourite of mine because I would love to see Ikea running an airline. The promised “a fleet of five custom-fit aircraft…single-class airline …launch  2019 and will utilise the five dimensions of Democratic Design unique to IKEA – exceptional form, quality, sustainability, function and price – to reduce aircraft weight and fuel requirements, resulting in a dramatically reduced transit time, lower ticket price, and cutting out the need for any stopovers.” My only  fear is that their airline terminals would resemble giant IKEA stores that we would never find our way out of!  I can live with meatballs for lunch
Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.24.52 am

7. We have all seen those unfortunate people on the internet who get a tattoo which is spelt wrongly or is actually offensive in its original language. Travel Insurance Direct introduced the Tattoo Spell Checker app which makes sure the words being tattooed on your body are spelt correctly and have the right meaning Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.36.54 pm

8. Royal Carribean promised that in 2021 the will roll out their first ship “Piste of the Seas” with full size ski resort complete with five real snow runs, a lift and après-ski restaurants, bars and spa. Accommodation would be in wood panelled chalet style rooms. Utterly plausible with today’s ships!


9. Contiki Tours introduced ATITA (“Artificial Intelligence Trip Managers“) onto three tours: European Discovery, London to Athens and Spanish Spree. Each machine has a database of over 1.5 billion travel facts, tips and recommendations as well as 100,000 jokes. More creepy than funny but highly plausible. And you would get no more grumpy tour leaders!

10. Westjet announced a name change to Canada Air as part of a promotion claiming they are the most Canadian Canadian airline, a not at all subtle dig at Air Canada. It was so well done, I knew it was an April Fools Day offering but spent the video trying to confirm this fact.

11. Virgin Atlantic had one that was not very convincing but very, very funny gag. Sir Richard Branson, himself launched Dreambird 1417, which boasts flexible wings that create a flapping motion moving the plane forward and generating electrical power for the cabin. Not even Sir Richard made it feel real to me.

12. The Irish Times reported that in a controversial move, the country’s largest trade union was going to sell its 16 storey Liberty Hall to Trump International Holding. The building would be renamed Trump Tower. It would be doubled in height  and reopen as a fivve star hotel with shops, apartments, office space, underground parking, an open-air putting green on the top floor, a plaza on Eden Quay, and a canopy and signage over the main entrance. An application has been submitted to Dublin City Council and will be open to public consultation in the coming weeks.

13. The German embassy in London tweeted that Germans would shortly vote whether to “l remain in” Central European Time (CET). ”  or leave and adopt GMT.  If successful. a replica of  Greenwich’s Shepherd Gate Clock would be placed on top of the famous World Time Clock in Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

14. Delta announced flights to Mars. Not convincing or funny but intriguing. If they had announced it was in conjunction with SpaceX or MarsOne with a 2025 launch date, I might have been more convinced. 

15.   rolled out the YouSuite which offered one seat on the whole plane. The glaring problem is that, sadly the seat is an Economy seat. Why not have a plane with one of their new Business Class suites? Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.09.52 pm

16. When in the UK and Ireland check out, Subway’s new  ice cream with three flavours: Chicken Tikka, Meatball Mariana and Tuna (UGH).


17. Travelodge TFE Hotels, partnered with Sensorwake so guests could wake up to the smell of bacon with new alarm clocks. All guests do is program the clock with the time they want to wake up and it will automatically release the smell of bacon.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.28.06 pm

18.  Foodora promised delicious menus for space flights by enlisting top chefs and a dedicated team of scientists to create food that will not only survive the extreme conditions of outer space, and will also taste delicious. foodoraapril-1920x1280

19. Progressive Insurance began offering Red Planet Protection insurance for life on Mars- a little obvious methinks but it might be needed in a generation. Makes me wonder, what’s with the Mars thing this year? I guess because we had two movies on the subject over the last two years?Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.59.33 pm


20. With the fall in the British Pound, Poundland which sells everything for one pound announced an immediate increase to their prices as the store rebranded as £1.19 Land. 1.19 land

Did I leave any travel jokes out?

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