Qantas Spreads Aussie Culture through safety video

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This year’s 2018 Qantas safety briefing goes further than the last ones. The safety briefings in 2016 and 2017 took us around Australia. Running for seven minutes, the video showcases how “far and wide the airline’s spirit goes” by taking viewers to global Qantas destinations with the soundtrack of “I still call Australia Home“. It also notes some of the Australian quirks that belong to the land downunder.

  • The Introduction starts with young people saying farewell to their families at my home airport: Melbourne Airport before a pilot and crew welcome passengers aboard
  • In New York, Maddison an Australian woman takes the front seat in a yellow cab to discuss the importance of inflight seat belts. A behind the scenes look is here..

  • We then move to the Andes, above Santiago, Chile where a backpacker sings “I still call Australia” around a campfire with locals before a hike through the mountains highlighting the location and use of the oxygen marks

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  • Life jackets are demonstrated whilst at a Football game in Auckland and on a speedboat in Queenstown
  • Shanghai is the venue for an introduction to Australia’s Vegemite and the brace position- watch the Chinese kid’s reaction to being given Vegemite!
  • The emergency exits and the lights showing the path to them are shown by Aussie Corin in Tokyo whilst playing cricket on a rooftop and settling into a  capsule hotel (see behind the scenes video below):

  • Two Australians order double-shot flat white coffees from another Aussie after a big night out in London, England is the before showing where the emergency exits are
  • Brighton, England is where we learn about sliding down the emergency exit
  • In Kruger National Park, near Johannesburg, we see another Australian tradition “The Tim Tam slam” before embarking on a safari, where his wife is warned not to collect her phone after she drops it from the jeep in front of a huge African elephant -all of this to remind us about smoking, luggage stowage and electronics
  • In Singapore, Qantas warns us about boisterous Aussies and DVT and introduces us to the Qantas magazine
  • the video ends with an off-duty Qantas A380 second officer at beautiful Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia inviting people to ask crew for any help and to follow their instructions

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Qantas worked with Australian and international  tourism author to make the film over five weeks. The result definitively marks a change in safety videos from boring announcement to a key marketing tool shown on board planes and shared via social media. Air New Zealand’s safety videos have had 100 million views on YouTube -which is probably equal to the number of passengers the airline has carried!

The new video will begin screening across Qantas domestic and international flights from April with  eleven language versions, as well as ones for the varying aircraft types across the Qantas fleet.


The Verdict

As per usual, these safety briefings are captivating and for homesick Aussies a bit special.I am always curious if an emergency, people would remember and relate to the content. Comparing the 2016 briefing and 2017 briefing, which one do you like?

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