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New Turkish vid combines humour, safety, Lego and planes!

The boring safety announcements are looking more and more endangered as airlines increasingly use their on board safety videos to differentiate their brand. The videos are designed to grab your attention and build your awareness of who you are flying with. Whoever in the Turkish airlines marketing department managed to involve the Lego franchise was a genius. Everyone (especially if you have small and big kids) will be remembering this video. If you are familiar with The Lego Movies, then the characters and some of their behaviors will be familiar to you. The safety video…

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Qantas Spreads Aussie Culture through safety video

This year’s 2018 Qantas safety briefing goes further than the last ones. The safety briefings in 2016 and 2017 took us around Australia. Running for seven minutes, the video showcases how “far and wide the airline’s spirit goes” by taking viewers to global Qantas destinations with the soundtrack of “I still call Australia Home“. It also notes some of the Australian quirks that belong to the land downunder. The Introduction starts with young people saying farewell to their families at my home airport: Melbourne Airport before a pilot and crew welcome passengers aboard In New…

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Thai Airway’s Beautiful new safety video

Just released. This is truly a work of art. It will grab my attention. Will it improve how people behave in an emergency? Thai Airways flies to 92 destinations with a slightly eclectic fleet of 82 planes including B787s, A380s, A350s, as well as B747s, B777s and A330s. I currently rate them at 92%.   The Verdict             Related Posts Laughing through the new British Airways Safety Video -for a good cause Airlines of Thailand receive key safety rating upgrade This year’s Heart Warming Heathrow Bears Ad makes eyes water-…

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Laughing through the new British Airways Safety Video -for a good cause

Just watched the new British Airways safety video which will be rolled out onto their aircraft on September 1st, 2017. This safety video was produced in collaboration with Comic Relief, who are a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty. Ten British celebrities are depicted auditioning for a coveted part in the new BA safety video in front of comedian Asim Chaudhry character Chabuddy G. There are eight sketches advertising the safety features and procedures on the aircraft. It starts with Chiwetel Ejiofor, who was nominated for…

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Emirates New Safety Video

This is the month of new safety videos. Emirates are using a cut through of their A380 to illustrate the safety procedures across the giant plane. I think it works, however. What do you think? Related Posts 5* Emirates Business: Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur Trip Review: Emirates- comparing the A380 Qantas Brilliant New Safety Video unpacked – Aussies may need a hanky Oman’s new safety video Vs Qantas: Imitation the greatest form of flattery

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Oman’s new safety video Vs Qantas: Imitation the greatest form of flattery

I have seen the Qantas safety video about 50 times this year so I know it pretty well. It features scenes from Australia to illustrate aspects of the safety briefing. For example, the seat belt announcement is made by a truck driver in his rig in the middle of the outback. Noticed the newly launched Oman Air safety video which features aspects of Oman has some similarities to the Qantas video. In their video, Oman passengers in a 4wd are fastening their seat belts and putting their bags on the luggage rack of the vehicle.…

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