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Qantas Spreads Aussie Culture through safety video

This year’s 2018 Qantas safety briefing goes further than the last ones. The safety briefings in 2016 and 2017 took us around Australia. Running for seven minutes, the video showcases how “far and wide the airline’s spirit goes” by taking viewers to global Qantas destinations with the soundtrack of “I still call Australia Home“. It also notes some of the Australian quirks that belong to the land downunder. The Introduction starts with young people saying farewell to their families at my home airport: Melbourne Airport before a pilot and crew welcome passengers aboard In New…

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Qantas Brilliant New Safety Video unpacked – Aussies may need a hanky

Safety videos.. love ’em or hate em?  Airlines have worked on different ways to get our attention for the crucial minutes of the safety briefing. Qantas last year launched a new video featuring real Australians sharing real activities and scenes from Australia. I loved last year’s video which I saw 40 times (yes I have that info recorded!). Apparently another 35 million people also watched this safety video aboard Qantas planes through 2016. Today February 1, 2017, sees the launch of the Qantas Safety Video 2017! I have been fortunate enough to have visited 14  of the 16…

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