A few of my Faves: My Top Five Global Fun Runs

I am a runner and one of the most fun things I like doing whilst traveling is running in different cities. I have run as far south as Dunedin, New Zealand and as far north as Reykjavik, Iceland. Even more than just running in a city is participating in a Fun Run in a city, I am visiting. As I staggered up a hill in Sydney, Australia during a “fun” run, I reflected on the runs I have most enjoyed participating in. I managed to work out my six favourites (two tie for third place):

5. The Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon (10 and 21km distances). Next event: December 2019

SCSM Picture

4. Paris Half Marathon 21.3 km. Next event: Sunday 10 March, 2019

A youthful me… six years ago!

Streets of Paris

3.  The Cadbury Run, Hobart, Tasmania (10 and 21 km). Next Event Sunday 13 January 2019

Cadbury Mascot and moi

and 3. the San Francisco Bay to Breakers: 12km. Next Event: 19th May 2019

Bay to Breakers Start

2. Sun Herald City to Surf, Sydney,Australia:  14km.

City to Surf Start (From Sun Herald City to Surf Collection).

  1. Bloomsday Race, Spokane Washington. 12km (7.46 miles). Next Event:Sunday 5th May, 2019

I have run this five times and it is my all time favourite race in the world. It is friendly, fun and scenic.

Along The Spokane River

Any other runners? What are your favourite places to run? Your favourite fun runs?


  1. I enjoy organized races but my favorites are leasure or training runs. I really enjoy running along the beach in Tel Aviv as a favorite. I also enjoy early morning runs in the New Orleans French Quarter, Chicago Lake Shore, Rural areas of Missouri and anywhere warm in the cold winter months. Favorite race is the River to River in Southern Illinois.

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