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Don’t touch the Flight Attendant

In response to this instagram post from Qantas, one poster placed their response up: My view is that, no one likes being grabbed by their customer. It does not matter if they are a Doctor, a Teacher, a Police Officer, Garbage Collector or Flight Attendant. The Flight Attendants I have met usually have very high tolerance and patience welcoming a range of people. They deserve our respect. Business Insider identified one year ago that there are 25 things they wish passengers would stop doing. (That is a big list!). One of them was being touched…

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Wow. “Nut Rage” Airline Executive Jailed!

Cho Hyun-ah (Heather Cho), the former Korean Air Head of Cabin Service, who demanded staff kneel before her to ask for forgiveness over how they served macadamia nuts in first class, has been sentenced to one year in jail.  I must admit, I am surprised that it got this far! On 5th December, 2014 Cho, the daughter of Korean Air’s Chair, ordered flight 86 back to the gate at New York’s JFK airport and had the chief steward removed from the plane. A South Korean court yesterday found her guilty of: violating aviation law changing flight path and interference of operations.…

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No Place for a Woman

This comes from the category where one hopes the story is fictional. Alas, it checks out as true. A Westjet pilot was left this note by an unhappy passenger after a routine flight  Victoria and Calgary in Canada. The note-writer apparently had questioned flight attendants about Captain Steacy’s ability as soon as she spoke over the PA system to passengers as the plane prepared for take-off. He asked them if she had enough flight hours to be flying a plane? Ironically, Proverbs 31 lauds the virtues of an ideal woman saying not only does she ensure the hime…

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Exit Row “safety”?

I was flying Turkish Air from Istanbul to Budapest. I have already commented in a previous post that I find it odd that on this flight English and Turkish are used but no one on the Cabin  Crew seems to speak Hungarian. I was seated in the Emergency Exit aisle. Next to me in the middle and window seats were two gentlemen who spoke only Hungarian. One of the flight attendants came down for a briefing. She says in Turkish followed by English: “You are aware that you are sitting in the Emergency Exit?” Middle Seat guy beams at…

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Turkish Delight -Great Trip + Best Economy Meal Ever!

Turkish airlines are the 83rd airline I have ever flown. Member of the Star Alliance since 2008, they have been expanding rapidly in the last eight years and now fly to over 200 destinations with 160 aircraft.  Turkish Airlines have been awarded  Europe’s Best Airline and Southern Europe’s Best Airline  twice in 2011 and 2012. Interestingly, this week, Lufthansa expressed an interest in either merging with or forming a closer alliance with Turkish Airlines. Booking 5 out of 10 I booked through online travel agents who were offering the same flights at a much reduced cost compared to the Turkish Airlines own website. I also…

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