My 2018 Travel Adventures!

a beach with waves crashing on the shore

An almost deserted beach in Tasmania, Australia

No surprises for my friends and colleagues that I flew, railed, rode ferries and drove the equivalent distance of about five times around the world. My focus was predominantly on Asia, Australia and New Zealand with visiting 24 major cities in ten countries at least once. I also dropped in on many smaller towns including Bringalbert, Australia which has a population of 12!

a map of the world

Where did 2018 take you?

a man sitting in an airplane

Aboard a Hong Kong Airlines Airbus 350- not even a year old. They were a new airline for me

My year started with a fabulous New Year’s Eve in Shanghai, China now one of my top 20 cities in the world. I took 5000 photos through the year. Here are 34 moments from my travel adventures. Thanks for joining me.

a small canal with a bridge and buildings

Slipped out of Shanghai by High Speed Train to see a beautiful Water Town

I also added Beijing and Chongqing through the year, to my arsenal, neither of which I had ever been to before.

In the same region, came visits to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Taipei remains my favourite city in the whole of Asia and is a must for anyone seeking warm hospitality, easy accessibility, clean facilities, amazing food and fascinating museums and sights.

A fun few days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was spent enjoying the end of Ramadan while we had short but fun sojourns in  Bali and Singapore.

I ranged up and down the East Coast of Australia including the island of Tasmania combining work with leisure as much as I could. This included two brief trips across to New Zealand’s Auckland and Christchurch.

a woman carrying baskets of fruit on a sidewalk

Street seller in Chongqing, China

Trying to Make a Difference

a man lying in a bed

Slept “rough” in the cold on a cardboard mat to help raise $1million for homelessness. The team I was part of raised $34K


a man taking a selfie with a group of people in a parking lot

Ran 10km to raise funds for Children’s Hospital in Thailand.


a bridge over water with boats and buildings in the background

I joined 10s of thousands on The Cancer Council NSW Seven Bridges 28km walk across The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Pyrmont Bridge, ANZAC Bridge, Iron Cove Bridge, Gladesville Bridge, Tarban Creek Bridge and Fig Tree Bridge. Raised almost $2,000 toward cancer research.

Travel takes one to the Bright Lights

a bridge with a large building on it

The Sydney Opera House during Vivid when the city’s key buildings are lit up accompanied by music, and food


a man standing in front of a large sphere of lights

Christmas lights in Bangkok

a large group of people in a park with a tall tower

Christmas Lights in Taipei

a building with lights on it

Christmas Lights in Melbourne, Australia


a man looking at a mosaic of a temple

Lego store opens in Bangkok with a superb lego rendering of the Grand Palace

Travel includes Peaceful Moments

a walkway with chairs and a tree by the ocean

Hua Hin on the Gulf of Thailand. The seaside resort area is two hours south of Bangkok


a bridge over water with trees and a bridge

Tranquil moment whilst hiking on the edge of Taipei


a bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

One of Bangkok’s beautiful parks: Chatachuk- an oasis in the midst of corporate headquarters, tourist markets and shopping malls


a landscape with a lake and mountains in the background

The Coromandel Peninsula on the North Island of New Zealand extends 85 kilometres north from the western end of the Bay of Plenty, forming a natural barrier to protect the Hauraki Gulf and the Firth of Thames in the west from the Pacific Ocean to the east. It is 40 kilometres wide at its broadest point


a man standing in front of a small shrine

Wandering the Streets of a foreign city, you never know what you mind find or see


a statue of a tree with candles

Menorah at the Rachel Synagogue in Shanghai, China. The peaceful synagogue became the spiritual home for 1000s of Jews who were given haven in China in the 1930s.

Travel is also about checking out the food

a table with food on it and a building in the background

Romantic Dinner opposite the stunning Temple of the Dawn in Bangkok


a plate of fried food

The Qantas First Lounge Calamari is renowned. I can never say “no” to it when I passed through Melbourne and Sydney

a bowl of salad and a bowl of salad on a table

Accompanied by heirloom tomato salad and mixed greens. Perfect. Thanks Qantas!


a bowl of soup with noodles and herbs

Vietnamese Pho in Brisbane, Australia


food on a plate

Dumplings…always delicious

a hand holding a piece of food

Cabbage and pork dumpling in rural Taiwan


a plate of food with a lemon wedge and a side of fries

Fresh fish and chips by the water just outside of Melbourne


a plate of pancakes with ice cream and fruit

World’s best pancakes are found in Melbourne, Australia in the suburb of Seaford


a plate of pastries on a table

French Cakes in Shanghai


a cup of ice cream with fruit on top

Coconut ice cream with dragonfruit and mango in Bali, Indonesia

a group of food on a table

Sweets in Bangkok


Travel is also about making new friends

a man sitting on a bench with a toy lion

A tame lion in Taiwan

a group of people posing for a photo

Taiwanese Dance Group in Jiji, Taiwan

a man in a chicken garment with a person in a blue shirt

Chicken at the Red Cross Fair in Bangkok

a squirrel on a tree

Squirrel in Chatachuk Park, Bangkok


2019 Beckons

I am already planning return visits to Auckland, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore. Hope to see new spots in Thailand and Malaysia. Europe beckons with Croatia, Slovenia and Romania being my new countries in 2019. I will be helping with a homelessness sleep-out in Melbourne, Australia.

To you and your family, I wish you peace, hope and love in 2019. May we seek to use what we have to improve our planet.

a body of water with clouds and sun

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