737 MAXs take over employee car park

Extraordinary footage of Boeing 737 MAX planes grounded at Paine Field in Everett, Washington, USA, forty kilometers (25 miles) north of Seattle.  The footage was taken by local TV network King5 in June 2019.

Globally, there are approximately five hundred  grounded 737 MAX’s and 100 of those are at The Boeing Company’s Renton, Washington Factory in southern Seattle. There are now so many 737 MAXs waiting that Boeing has started placing them in the employee car park.

It must be a weird feeling driving into a car park to be confronted by a product that has been deemed unsafe by the aviation authorities in multiple countries. A product that seems to have no fix in sight.

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  1. Executives at VW are facing prison up to 10 years over faking emission reports. Boeing kills 346 people in a matter of months and absolutely nothing. No one was even fired. Since there are no consequences nothing will change at Boeing and it will probably get words. I use to love flying Boeing and I will still the fly the 777,767 and 757; however, I will not fly the 777X, 787 and the 737 Max. I will choose airlines such as Delta flying the A350.

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