Eva vs Austrian Premium Economy Dilemma!

Found a great airfare between Europe and Austria with Eva, the Taiwanese five star airline for a seat in Premium Economy. a woman standing in an airplane

Ticks a few boxes. Great value for money, a five star airline, a new carrier for me and Star Alliance for points earning. Oh and a cool looking amenity kit!

a set of travel items

I was close to booking this fare, when another Star Alliance carrier’s Premium Economy product popped up. This time it was Austrian for a price point much lower than Eva’s. a row of seats in an airplaneThey use older planes (often on a 767 – which I love). I hear great things about the Austrian PE product, however. And I love saving money! Their kit seems cool too! a red bag with a toothbrush and a toothpaste

Now I have a dilemma! I am going to do a proper research and comparison tomorrow but…

Bearing in mind, I have lounge access with both, which would you choose?

Love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I always liked SQs little extras. Mainly because it had a little thing of Tiger Balm in it. The rest of it was really just junk. A safety razor that was painful to use, toothpaste that was gag inducing and a tooth brush that you could use to strip back rust. That’s it. Tiger balm.

    I don’t get people who brush their teeth on airplanes. I guess it’s good and healthy and all of that but seriously? Brushing teeth in the aisle isn’t pretty and the line up to use the bathroom is ridiculous. I’m fine just waiting for the hotel.

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