Three Million Infections

The next “milestone” has, sadly, been reached. It took from December to April to reach one million official infections. It then took 12 days to reach the grim milestone of  two million. The next million has also taken 12 days which suggests that the virus has been slowed down by the intense lockdowns we see globally.

Three million people have in total been officially infected with COVD19.

Sadly 208,468 have died. The good news is that 889,876 have recovered.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 22.39.28

The term recovery, for many, is a misnomer, however. It appears to be a long slow process with survivors reporting shredded lungs, weakened hearts, brain clots, lack of energy and coughs that last for weeks. People are reporting higher levels of strokes in much younger people.
Stay Safe.

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