Is there anything nicer than enjoying a fresh coconut?

One of the absolute delights of my time in the fascinating city of Dili in East Timor was discovering these beachside coconut stands.

a man cutting coconuts on a cart

Approach a seller with his or her cart. Pick out your coconut or let the seller choose. The seller wields a formidable machete and whack whack, off comes the coconut’s top; in goes a straw and one refreshing drink is ready!

a coconut with a straw in it

I was kicking myself that I had left my metal straw at the hotel. I hate adding to disposal culture.

a man holding a coconut with a straw in his hand
a row of tires on a beach
The amount of litter on the Dili beach was depressing

When the fresh coconut milk is finished, one goes back to the seller who machetes it open for a coconut snack!

a coconut cut in half

PS East Timor/ Timor L’Este was the look at my view.

a person standing on a rock on a beach with a boat in the background

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