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The 787 joins the Red Kangaroo

Of the 93 airlines, I have ever flown, one-third of my flights have been with Australian carrier Qantas. I have flown their 747s a total of forty-two times plus 182 of their 737s, multiple 767s and 18 Boeing 717s (although this is really a McDonnell Douglas product). I never flew any Qantas 707s or 727s. [See Comment below] I have been  impatiently waiting for their red kangaroo logo to appear on the tail of a 787. In 2012, Qantas canceled 35 Dreamliners and delayed the options they had on 50 more. This week, the airline announced that their…

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Qantas Loses Money and Cancels 35 787-9s

At a Qantas media conference today, the public were informed that the group made a statutory loss after tax of $244 million.  Its first loss for 20 years. The group had a $95 million profit before tax. Again, Qantas shareholders will receive no dividend. Record high fuel costs of $4.3 billion, up $645 million made a major dent. We also found out the cost of the industrial action and grounding of the Qantas fleet ($194 million). What we didn’t find out was the actual cost of the industrial action versus the grounding. Of the industrial action, some cost the company nothing (for…

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