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Etihad Business Cairo to Bangkok summed up in one word: Inconsistent

Today’s review of Etihad’s ride from Cairo to Bangkok through their hub in Abu Dhabi is a perfect example of how I find Etihad’s product can be so inconsistent. When their service is good, it is excellent. When it is bad, it is average! Booking: 10/10 There are a vast array of airlines and flight options from Cairo to Bangkok. Cairo is a very cheap hub in the Middle East for originating flights. In fact, it was cheaper for me to fly from Dubai to Cairo and then fly onto Bangkok back through the UAE than…

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Cool Video on the True Cost of Flying

Fascinating video on breaking down the true cost of flying. If it costs $2.50 for the fuel to fly me between DC and LA, why do the tickets cost so much? There are a lot more expenses and this video breaks them down. A hell a lot of money goes to airport costs, and taxes.The one that surprised me is how little the staff get! I like the comparison with driving. When I drive across the country, I need to consider fuel on top of the cost of the car. That makes airline fares pale in…

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