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Jetting Through 2023: My Summary and Global Airline Review

I thoroughly review every aspect of travel, including reservations, check-in, meals, entertainment, and in-flight services. This allows me to give every flight, and airline, a score. Yes, I am the nerd who is “wild about travel”! 90%: A Great year for my air travel Using the rating system I give for every flight, I ended up with an overall average of 90% rating for the year. This was despite the disruptions and complaints many others experienced with the airline industry. By comparison: My worst year for air travel was 2002, the first year after September…

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Travel -after COVID19

In two weeks, I was meant to depart for an around the world trip: Thailand-Egypt-Athens and the Greek Islands- Milan- Malaga- Morocco- New York- Seattle and Spokane- Los Angeles-Taipei-Bangkok-Sydney. All carefully planned from late last year, it was going to be a fun trip that included three bucket list items and a new One World partner Royal Air Maroc. Seeing many of those destinations are now “COVID19 hotspots”, this would now be an insane and impossible trip. Instead, I am grateful that I am safe and healthy and, I’m looking forward to voyaging from MBR…

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Air NZ becomes Air AllBlacks in brilliant new safety video

I have been a huge fan of Air New Zealand safety videos and have run out of superlatives for their amazing productions over the years (with one exception).  But lets face it, the Qantas safety video brings a tear to my eye and the Oman ones are cool too so I may just be a softie for a good air safety video presentation. Their newest one, launched this week and which apparently took nine months to make will be hard for Aussies, South Africans and French people to sit through as it hammers home the…

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New Turkish vid combines humour, safety, Lego and planes!

The boring safety announcements are looking more and more endangered as airlines increasingly use their on board safety videos to differentiate their brand. The videos are designed to grab your attention and build your awareness of who you are flying with. Whoever in the Turkish airlines marketing department managed to involve the Lego franchise was a genius. Everyone (especially if you have small and big kids) will be remembering this video. If you are familiar with The Lego Movies, then the characters and some of their behaviors will be familiar to you. The safety video…

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My 2016 Travel Tips (In order of popularity)

My goal is to enjoy both travel and destination. I am constantly looking for ways to save money, speed up airport experiences, have better travel experiences and effectively explore my world or find ways of relaxing. One of the reasons I blog, is to share these tips that I learn along the way.   In order of popularity, these were my travel tips that I shared each Monday last year: Getting Exercise- A walking guide to world airports Avoiding weight scale shock We travellers must reduce trash this was a post that I thought would be…

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Cool Video on the True Cost of Flying

Fascinating video on breaking down the true cost of flying. If it costs $2.50 for the fuel to fly me between DC and LA, why do the tickets cost so much? There are a lot more expenses and this video breaks them down. A hell a lot of money goes to airport costs, and taxes.The one that surprised me is how little the staff get! I like the comparison with driving. When I drive across the country, I need to consider fuel on top of the cost of the car. That makes airline fares pale in…

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