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Samoa XL (Extra Large) seat

Samoa Air is in the news again. After launching their pay by weight fares, they are today introducing a special section for passengers weighing more than 130 kilograms (287 pounds). XL class for super-sized passengers will feature extra-wide rows and special ramps to help passengers reach their seats. The section is created by removing a row. Leg room is increased by 30 to 35 centimeters (12 to 14 inches) in the next row: “like a three-seat couch“, according to the airline. It makes sense for Samoa, which the World Health Organisation says, has one of…

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Air Fares based on Weight

Following on from my post from two weeks ago about Air Samoa charging by the kilo to fly, Dr. Bharat P. Bhatta from Norway has proposed three models that he asserts would benefit “airlines, passengers and society” by cutting each flight’s fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions.  His three “pay as you weigh” models are: Total weight: A passenger’s luggage and body weight is calculated, with the fare comprising a per kilogram (kg)  cost. In this scenario a passenger weighing 80kg (178 pounds) with 20 kg (44 pounds) of luggage would pay a fare of a base amount…

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In Samoa your weight counts

It is hard to know if it is an April Fools Day prank but Samoa Air has announced a new fare calculation based on passengers weight. The airline’s Chief Executive, Chris Langton, told Radio Australia this week that the policy is proving successful.The airline began flying in 2012 and introduced the pricing policy in January, 2013. I tried it out booking a fare from Pago Pago, the main city of American Samoa to Asau which is situated on the north west coast of Savai’i island in Samoa. The total for the fare was 380 Tala for…

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