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Pray for #Paris

In view of the situation in Paris, I have withdrawn my original post. Praying for our world and especially those impacted directly by these events. Paris is my favourite city in the world and I feel very sad for this day. May we work to create peace not division between all of us on this one small wonderful planet.

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Fly Nonstop Stops

The old adage about the airline business is that the way to make a small fortune in the airline business is to start with a large one. Espen Hennig-Olsen, an heir to the Norwegian Hennig-Olsen ice cream company invested his money in a full service airline start-up carrier called Fly Nonstop. The airline started flying on April 25th, 2013. The airline leased a 100-passenger Embraer 190 which was flown by a Dutch charter company. The aircraft had two-class seating. Fly Nonstop had 17 weekly flights serving eight European destinations: Berlin, Dubrovnik, London City, Manchester, Nice,…

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Air Fares based on Weight

Following on from my post from two weeks ago about Air Samoa charging by the kilo to fly, Dr. Bharat P. Bhatta from Norway has proposed three models that he asserts would benefit “airlines, passengers and society” by cutting each flight’s fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions.  His three “pay as you weigh” models are: Total weight: A passenger’s luggage and body weight is calculated, with the fare comprising a per kilogram (kg)  cost. In this scenario a passenger weighing 80kg (178 pounds) with 20 kg (44 pounds) of luggage would pay a fare of a base amount…

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Norwegian selling 787 Tickets

Norwegian Air Shuttle  began selling tickets for their New York JFK and Bangkok Boeing 787 services on Thursday November 8 for flights from May 30th, 2013. Some very cheap seats were available -and they were selling fast. The carrier will fly between Oslo (Norway) and Stockholm (Sweden) three times a week. Seats on Norwegian’s 787 will be nine across 3-3-3 in economy class with a 31″ pitch. The airline is also introducing a Premium Cabin on the 787,  configured six across 2-2-2 with a 46″ pitch. Up to now, the airline has been all one class.…

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