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Ethiopian Fire – Battery Caused?

On July 12 a parked Ethiopian Airlines’ 787 was attended by several emergehcy vehicles at London Heathrow when a fire broke out. The blaze caused extensive damage to the rear of the plane’s fuselage. No one was aboard the plane and there were no injuries. Investigators have found that the fire coincided with the emergency locator transmitter, which is powered by a lithium-manganese dioxide battery. This system operates independently of the plane’s power system. It is also different to the system on the plane that caught fire in Boston earlier this year. The British investigators…

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Funny or Racist? TV reveals wrong Pilot names.

An anchor for Bay Area KTVU-TV read some supposed names of Pilots involved in the Asiana crash landing at San Francisco on July 7th. The report was accompanied by a slide with the phony names listed next to a photo of the burnt plane. The four names were claimed to be: Captain Sum Ting Wong (something wrong) Wi Tu Lo (We too low Ho Lee Fuk (Holy F***) Ban Ding Ow The station after a short break corrected the “mistake” but by then the Broadcast had spread across the Internet. Now millions of viewers have…

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Asiana crash lands @SFO [updated]

It has been a relatively quiet year for plane crashes. On July 6, 2013, however, the Korean airline Asiana Airlines experienced a crash. Their flight 214 on approach to San Francisco International Airport from Seoul crashed after reportedly clipping a sea wall. The crash landing sheared off the plane’s landing gear and tore the tail off from the rest of the fuselage. It then burst into flames. The Boeing 777 had 307 people on board (291 passengers and 16 crew). The passengers included 141 Chinese nationals, 77 South Koreans, 61 Americans, three Indians, three Canadians, one French,…

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