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Thai air problems knock Nok Scoot

In Thailand Nok means bird. “Premium low cost” domestic carrier Nokair after ten years  of operation commands a healthy 27% chunk of the country’s  domestic market and a healthy profit margin. Nok has not expanded internationally with the exception of a couple of routes. This was due to change this year. Nok has joined with Singapore Airline’s low cost arm Scoot, to form low cost international carrier called imaginatively NokScoot with the slogan: Fly Awesome. Literally the name means: Bird leaves suddenly and quickly!  This new venture is 49% is owned by Scoot and 51% owned by Nok. The carrier aims to link China, Japan…

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Wow. “Nut Rage” Airline Executive Jailed!

Cho Hyun-ah (Heather Cho), the former Korean Air Head of Cabin Service, who demanded staff kneel before her to ask for forgiveness over how they served macadamia nuts in first class, has been sentenced to one year in jail.  I must admit, I am surprised that it got this far! On 5th December, 2014 Cho, the daughter of Korean Air’s Chair, ordered flight 86 back to the gate at New York’s JFK airport and had the chief steward removed from the plane. A South Korean court yesterday found her guilty of: violating aviation law changing flight path and interference of operations.…

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This week’s nutty incident

I think everybody has been bemused this week at the news of the recent behaviour of the daughter of Korean Air‘s CEO on board Flight KE086 from New York‘s JFK to Seoul. Heather Cho was a senior vice-president at the airline and the airline’s head of cabin service. If you have missed what happened; Ms Cho was seated as a passenger in the first class section of  the A380. She became angry at the way a junior flight attendant served her some macadamia nuts. Apparently, he failed to ask her if she wanted the nuts. To add insult to injury, he…

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South Korea Mourns its ferry passengers

My thoughts with the family and friends of all those involved in one of South Korea’s worst ever peacetime disasters. Of the 476 passengers on the ferry Sewol, 174 passengers were rescued in the immediate aftermath of the disaster last Wednesday. The time since has involved a difficult search for so many missing.    

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Asiana crash lands @SFO [updated]

It has been a relatively quiet year for plane crashes. On July 6, 2013, however, the Korean airline Asiana Airlines experienced a crash. Their flight 214 on approach to San Francisco International Airport from Seoul crashed after reportedly clipping a sea wall. The crash landing sheared off the plane’s landing gear and tore the tail off from the rest of the fuselage. It then burst into flames. The Boeing 777 had 307 people on board (291 passengers and 16 crew). The passengers included 141 Chinese nationals, 77 South Koreans, 61 Americans, three Indians, three Canadians, one French,…

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Seoul at last

A Korean movie In Another Country at the recent Melbourne International Film Festival followed by an amazing Korean banquet with friends, reminded me I have not written about my Seoul experience. So here we go: Aesthetics: 8.5 out of 10 Seoul is built on the Han River, its plains and is bordered by eight mountains. It is easy to bike, run or walk along the riverside and there are many cafes and restaurants dotted along. In a 2011 survey, over half the population and two-thirds of “urban planning professionals” voted the river as the second most scenic place in the…

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