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Air New Zealand’s Australia/USA/London Specials

Air New Zealand, my fourth favourite airline* are offering special fares this next two weeks to destinations in Australia, NZ, the UK and USA. For Aussie passengers, there are deals to four US destinations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu and their new Houston hub.  Sydney to Houston is $A958 in Economy plus add a bag for $1 or $A2,631 in their wonderful Premium Economy. Melbourne to Houston is $A941 in Economy plus add a bag for $1  or $A2,614 in Premium. One way fares are actually higher than round trip! You fly via Auckland.   For US customers, the sale…

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Good Bye US Airways- will they be missed?

  Tomorrow, US Airways disappears as a brand. It joins AirTran, Aloha, Continental, Midwest Express, Northwest, TWA as airline brands that have all disappeared since 2001. The largest airlines in the US have contracted to just three large carriers: American, Delta and United. US first flew in 1939 as mail carrier All American Aviation, adding passenger traffic in 1949. In 1953 it became Allegheny Airlines, a name it carried until the deregulation era of 1979 when USAir was adopted. USAir was varied to US Airways in 1997. In 2005, they entered into a “reverse merger” with America West with the America West…

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Virgin presents the most boring movie ever!

a mannequin in a plane

Would you watch a 5 hour boring movie for 2500 frequent flyer points? Virgin America has created “BLAH AIRLINES FLIGHT 101”, a boring, beige and dull five hour and forty-five minute flight set in real time on a flight from Newark to San Francisco. The passengers aboard seem pretty creepy, the pilots bored and tired and the flight attendants over perked. The film’s trailer can be viewed here: Already almost one million people have already watched the film on YouTube since the film was uploaded in October, 2014! (Did they skip parts of it -like…

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Know anything about Lyft

Has anyone used Lyft? Lyft is a smartphone app that seems to match drivers with people looking for rides in several key cities across the USA. When the ride ends, the app automatically charges payment from the passenger’s saved credit card. Lyft also provide drivers with additional excess insurance, including a $1M liability insurance. The company says: “Passengers and drivers rate each other. If you rate someone 3 stars or below, you’ll never be matched with them again.” I am curious to know if it works. I also could not see pricing on the website. Any information or…

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Get your Rent a Car Costs down

I was talking to a friend yesterday who paid more to rent a car for three days than I would pay for a week! When I asked him why he had spent so much money, he told me he booked it from the airport counter and he always rented from the same rental company. I have written in detail about car rentals but some tips for saving money: Book in advance Use a comparison website eg Priceline, Vroomvroomvroom or‎ Ditch loyalty – other companies have the same cars so I have joined more than one…

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Asiana crash lands @SFO [updated]

It has been a relatively quiet year for plane crashes. On July 6, 2013, however, the Korean airline Asiana Airlines experienced a crash. Their flight 214 on approach to San Francisco International Airport from Seoul crashed after reportedly clipping a sea wall. The crash landing sheared off the plane’s landing gear and tore the tail off from the rest of the fuselage. It then burst into flames. The Boeing 777 had 307 people on board (291 passengers and 16 crew). The passengers included 141 Chinese nationals, 77 South Koreans, 61 Americans, three Indians, three Canadians, one French,…

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Virgin America Storm Chaos (Trip Report)

Today, Virgin America a normally good airline gave a disappointing performance. Virgin America (along with JetBlue) occupy top billing for me amongst all of the US carriers. On previous flight, I have given Virgin perfect scores with no exceptions.  This most recent Virgin America flight was very disappointing! Virgin America (VX) launched in August, 2007 from their San Francisco base (now in SFO’s magnificent Terminal 2). They fly to sixteen destinations in the United States and three in Mexico. They began a Toronto, Canada service but it was not financially sustainable. This is an issue for the loss making airline which…

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Honey, guess what we lost today?

Normally my whacky Wednesday posts are funny or at least a little amusing. Today’s is far from amusing. United Airlines, who I regularly bag, bash and mock in my blog are apparently in the business of transporting luggage and people around the USA. According to Brett Snyder, they are doing worse since the merger with Continental (vale).  For example only 70.1 percent of their flights were on time in June. In addition, United lost bags at twice the rate of Delta which is a bigger airline. Luggage being lost is annoying. On June 30, 2012 United Airlines lost a bag…

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Trip Report: American- LAX to SFO

A positive review from me about American airlines? There is aways room for a first! I have flown AA 49 times and given them universally low rankings: Today my fiftieth American Airlines flight was a very pleasant experience. Check in: 9 out of 10 I was on a tight time frame and the LAX inter terminal bus was slowed by lost tourists. Upon getting to the LAX American Airlines terminal,  I became a little lost. I saw a sign emblazoned “priority Access” and assumed (wrongly) that it was referring to entry to the gates so for some reason went…

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