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Fight Cancer With Us: #flyforpink

My sister died two years ago from Cancer. She fought it nobly.  You can understand why I will support (almost) anything that helps support the fight against cancer. Here is a simple way you can join in the fight during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month:   Hint: Cover up your frequent flyer number and other personal details. For every boarding pass photo posted to Twitter & Instagram with the hashtag #flyforpink, the frequent flyer collaborative of BoardingArea, Milepoint,Freddie Awards, Bonusfeber, Ikvliegveel and Frequent Traveler University will donate fifty US cents to cancer-related causes. If we…

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Negotiating US Security- an appeal and a guide

I have just spent three weeks out of the last five in the USA flying 21 times. This is a lot of checkins! Flying can be very frustrating at the best of times but people’s dilly dallying at airport security really raises my impatience levels. If a passenger “wastes” a minute at security, that can be a be an annoyance. If 15 people in a security line all “waste” one minute, this time delay adds up. For some people, this can mean missing a flight! In the book and movie “Up in the Air”, the…

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Mum, Look what I did today

Most 11 year old boys can end up in some sort of altercation with their family. Sometimes they have been known to run away as a result. Not many can do it by slipping away from their family and ending up on an international flight – without reservation, passport or boarding pass. Liam Corcoran was with his mother at Wythenshawe Civic shopping Centre. He ran away from her and travelled the 5km (3miles) to Manchester airport on a bus, after finding a ticket on the floor of the shopping centre. Liam was reported missing by his parents to…

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