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I Hike Hadrians Wall across England

There are many crazy things I like to do in life. One is walking long distances! I have walked several long distance tracks in Australia, the UK and New Zealand now including the famed NZ Milford track.  One of my goals was to walk the width of England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea following the path of Hadrian’s wall. 84 miles (140km) long. And I did it! It took seven days walking West to East. To back track, Hadrian’s Wall was built in the 2nd Century AD by the order of the Roman Emperor…

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Mum, Look what I did today

Most 11 year old boys can end up in some sort of altercation with their family. Sometimes they have been known to run away as a result. Not many can do it by slipping away from their family and ending up on an international flight – without reservation, passport or boarding pass. Liam Corcoran was with his mother at Wythenshawe Civic shopping Centre. He ran away from her and travelled the 5km (3miles) to Manchester airport on a bus, after finding a ticket on the floor of the shopping centre. Liam was reported missing by his parents to…

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