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To the Authorities: Five Steps to Better Travel, Please

I shared last week about my 2023 travel experiences. As we look forward to 2024, there are five things that “those in charge” need to do to make travel markedly better. Treat Your Customers with Respect Too often, passengers are herded bewildered into long lines and then alternately shouted at or ignored. I believe this stress and the points above are helping to contribute to a lack of civility from passengers who push back at staff and each other. Can we send all staff globally to Tokyo Haneda or Singapore Changi Airport (pictured) to watch…

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Protecting Data & Identity On the Road

When I first travelled, I carried a moneybelt into which I put my passport and money. I knew having my money or documents stolen put me at risk. I no longer wear a money belt having developed other strategies (but still keep my stuff safe). Today there are a group of thieves that aren’t interested in pickpocketing but instead want your  bank account details and computer passwords. Travellers can be very vulnerable. We need strategies to avoid these targets. Here are some.   1. Choose Passwords wisely According to password management company SplashData, the top…

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Negotiating US Security- an appeal and a guide

I have just spent three weeks out of the last five in the USA flying 21 times. This is a lot of checkins! Flying can be very frustrating at the best of times but people’s dilly dallying at airport security really raises my impatience levels. If a passenger “wastes” a minute at security, that can be a be an annoyance. If 15 people in a security line all “waste” one minute, this time delay adds up. For some people, this can mean missing a flight! In the book and movie “Up in the Air”, the…

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Reflections on Gulf Air

This week I fly from the Middle East to Paris where I will be competing in the Paris Half Marathon.  Then I have a quick train trip to see friends in Amsterdam! See map below. Last week, I landed at my 195th airport in my life: Bahrain in the emptiest plane I have ever been on. It was an Etihad 777 from Abu Dhabi that I swear was 10 to 15% full. Crew said the large plane was used because it was transporting freight. Arrival at Bahrain  was frustrating because of the “security situation” (petrol bombs, tear gas, rubber bullets…

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