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HiFly moves to Eliminate Single Use Plastics

Hi Fly is aiming to have a single use plastic-free policy on all its flights by the end of 2019. This is welcome news for me. I cringe at how much plastic I  see get disposed of on planes. And I am mortified at how much I have contributed to. On 26th December 2018, HiFly operated the world’s first plastic-free flight from Lisbon to Brazil. The carrier replaced plastic cutlery and containers with bamboo and compostable alternatives made from recycled material. They are going to test the process on three other flights: I just need…

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Seven things I have learnt from flying 2.5 million KM

Two and a half million kilometres is a long way! Just over 1.5 million miles, it represents 62 laps around the earth. 600 times between NYC and Los Angeles! I have spent exactly 21 weeks sitting in aeroplane seats!! I hit this milestone, I believe, 35,000 ft over New Zealand, en route between Auckland and Wellington. Probably somewhere near Mt Taranki.  There was no award and unlike in Up in the Air, no one came in with champagne and congratulations. (George Cloony’s character had hit 10 million miles, though). I am in an extremely privileged position.…

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