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Flying with Electronics- new rule & some tips

If you are planning on carrying your mobile, laptop or ipad onto a plane to the USA or UK, make sure it is charged. Under new rules released last week by the US Transport Security Administration (TSA), passengers travelling from Europe, the Middle East and Africa to the US must be able to turn on their electronics at security in order to prove they are the genuine article and not some kind of bomb. The TSA states: During the security examination, officers may also ask that owners power up some devices, including cell phones. Powerless…

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Switch off that Phone????

As the announcement to switch off our phones is broadcast. I watch some people settle back in their seats content or smug, they have complied. Some will discover upon landing that their phone wasn’t actually off! In fact the Airline Passenger Experience Association and the Consumer Electronics Association found 30 percent of passengers accidentally left an electronic device turned on during a flight -61 percent said it was a smartphone. Another group will get up and check in a panic, only to find they have indeed already switched their phone off. On a recent flight,…

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Booted for phone use

Following on the proud tradition set by Alec Baldwin in 2011  who was infamously thrown off one an American flight after refusing to turn off his phone and becoming combative with flight staff… Two incidents in two months involving passengers being kicked off planes for cell phone usage. The first was a 22 year old woman who fought airline staff as they removed her from US Airways flight 906 scheduled to fly between Fort Lauderdale, FL to Charlotte, NC. She reportedly “kicked a deputy in the groin, elbowed another in the face and scratched two other deputies”.…

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