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2012 Airline Bankruptcies

A cheerful topic! The one commonality the airline industry has, is that no brand is impervious. Unlike brands in other industries: Ford (USA), Cadbury (UK) and Waitrose (UK), airlines seem to come and go. The airlines lost so far in 2012 are listed below. Where I have blogged about the collapse, you will see my link. 2oth January: Cirrus (Germany) 27th January: Spanair (Spain) 30th January: US3000 (USA) 9th February: Malev (Hungary) – Check out my three blog posts about them: The Collapse 17th February : Air Australia (Australia) 26th February: Norfolk Air (Australia) 27th February: Velvet Sky (South…

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Qantas 250th time

I flew my 250th Qantas flight, last week, from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia. It was also my 860th flight of my life! Five weeks of my life spent inside Qantas planes travelling the equivalent of 16 times around the world! As you can see from the map below, the Australian flag carrier has taken me to five continents. What is interesting is how many of the Qantas routes I have flown on have now vanished: Harare to Perth, Bangkok to London, Sydney to San Francisco, Christchurch to Melbourne, and Auckland to Los Angeles are all gone. I have…

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I just hit Two Million km!

Today’s flight with Virgin Australia from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia tipped me over two million kilometres (1.25 million miles)  travelled by aeroplane!  This is a distance equivalent to 50 times around the earth. I have eaten, read, slept, chatted and worked for 16 and a half weeks of my life in the air.           I record all of my 857 flights at Flightmemory.com. This database allows me to keep all of my flight information in one place and print maps based on the data. In case you think I am completely geeky,…

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Trip Report: 767th Flight

According to my Flightmemory, flight number 767th of my life has ticked over.  My 767th was with Qantas on a “Red Eye” Boeing 767 from Perth to Melbourne. At one point I thought it was going to be Air New Zealand but life is unpredictable isnt it? I acknowledge it has become an obsession of mine to match the Boeing type to the number of flights I have done! So far, managed it with flights 737, 747 and 757. (How I know how many flights I have flown is described in my blog here). After this fight,  I have now been…

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